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Hypebeast ‘Travel Essentials’ Feature

In tema con la stagione in corso, Hypebeast pubblica una feature chiamata ‘Travel Essentials’, una serie di consigli da alcuni più o meno noti viaggiatori globali.

When it comes to time to board that long trans-Pacific haul (sitting in economy nonetheless), you can’t help but think, traveling sucks. Crammed into tiny seats with increasingly ridiculous airline fees, terrible food, germ-infested re-circulated air; Airplane travel doesn’t have a lot going for it. Yet, it’s a necessary evil that one must endure. Setting foot in a new unfamiliar locale offers a certain bit of invigoration and instantly you can’t help but pay attention to your new surroundings. Suddenly that 13 hour flight and a case of stiff knees and neck pain doesn’t seem so bad after all. In the case of the process versus the final goal (or in this case, destination), few actually care for the process. So we’ve amassed a group of frequent flyers who can hopefully offer some insights into some of their tips and secrets for travel.

Date un’occhiata alla feature.