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THRASHER’s Most Jaw-Dropping Skateboarding Pics of 2011

Il team di THRASHER ha collaborato con quello di WIRED Magazine per proporre al grande pubblico i “10 scatti più strabilianti del 2011″.

The magazine runs more than 10,000 photos in its print and online editions each year, and damn near every one of them shows someone doing something bordering on insane. These are the 10 most jaw-dropping photos Thrasher published this year. They aren’t the best, in that the lighting or composition may not be perfect. But this isn’t about photography. It’s about skateboarding.

“It’s really more about the stunt being documented,” said Thrasher magazine creative director Kevin Convertito. “Sort of like shooting photos of car crashes.”

As Thrasher photo editor Michael Burnett would say, these are photos snapped when the skater was at his moment of “maximum rad.” And if every picture says 1,000 words, then the story here is of skaters pushing the limits of their sport in what Convertito calls “progression through focused aggression.”

Non c’è molto da aggiungere, guardatevi per bene queste 10 bombe selezionate dal team di THRASHER.