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Freshjive ‘WTFIRGO’ Foundation

Freshjive estende il progetto politico The World’s Got Problems lanciando la WTFIRGO Foundation e una linea di t-shirts dedicata per raccogliere fondi “for organizations working to unfuck the world“.

Starting February 8th, Freshjive will be releasing one new t-shirt graphic twice a month under the WTFIRGO label to correspond with a World’s Got Problems post. The tees will be available in limited quantities through the web store, and 50% of the proceeds from these shirts will be donated to a different social or economic justice organization each month.

We decided to begin close to home by raising money for the Los Angeles Community Action Network (LA CAN), which for years has been organizing Skid Row locals in the struggle for economic and social justice. If anybody can teach us a thing about taking responsibility in the struggle, it is them — and maybe we can raise a few bucks for the cause.

Come leggete nel comunicato, il 50% del ricavato della prima t-shirt andrà alla Los Angeles Community Action Network, che in sostanza aiuta le persone più disagiate di L.A. e dintorni. Se siete interessati leggetevi l’articolo sul blog di Freshjive. La maglietta è disponibile su Reserve Online.