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Alain Aslan for Boom-Art ‘Pin-Ups’ Skateboard Decks

Il team di Boom-Art ha collaborato con il noto illustratore francese Alain Aslan per realizzare un bel set di tavole basate su alcune illustrazioni originali realizzate dall’artista durante i ’70 per la rivista soft-core “Lui”.

Alain Aslan, the famed French sculptor and painter, has produced a huge body of extraordinary pinup art that is technically exquisite and playfully provocative.

his most remarkable work: the pinup art he created for Lui and Oui magazines between the years 1963 and 1981.
Lui was an upscale French men’s magazine started in 1963 featuring nude photography as well as erotic artwork. Aslan was on board from the beginning, producing full-page pinup illustrations on a monthly basis. In 1972, Playboy launched Oui magazine as an American sister publication to Lui. This magazine, which continued to feature Aslan’s pinups, continued Playboy’s tradition of beautiful women, quality articles and stories, and timely interviews. This brought Aslan’s work to the North American market and cemented his fame in the erotic art world.

“I paint and sculpt ‘woman,’ the most beautiful subject ever given to artists, because it is inexhaustible and eternal…” Aslan

Ciascuna tavola è caratterizzata dalla classica costruzione a 7 strati d’acero canadese e da stampa serigrafica realizzata a mano, esce attraverso un’edizione limitata di soli 80 pezzi, numerati e firmati uno ad uno da Aslan. Date un’occhiata alle immagini e se siete interessati andate su Boom-Art, che in ogni caso è un meraviglioso negozio online esclusivamente dedicato a skateboarding ed arte.


Source: Juxtapoz