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Inventory x Ebbets Field Flannels Spring 2012 ‘Wool Hat’

Nuova collaborazione tra il team di Inventory MagazineEbbets Field Flannels per due nuove varianti colore del classico ‘Wool Hat’.

Ebbets Field Flannels has been making caps as they were during baseball’s golden era for over twenty years. Made with a slightly shallower and unstructured ‘soft’ crown the caps as they were prior to the ’80s, the caps offer a great casual look and will hold up to years of wear. Our latest custom cap with the Seattle based hat makers comes in their grey baseball wool which is a good lighter weight and full of character thanks to it’s great melange. The burgundy and olive brims offer some nice muted colours that blend well with any outfit.

Niente male la scelta dei colori, per il resto, soliti discorsi. Da poco disponibili online sul webstore di Inventory.