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Woo Riddim x Patta Snapback Caps

Originale collabo da Patta con questa coppia di snapbacks realizzata con il team di Woo Riddim, serata mensile ospitata dal famigerato club Jimmy Woo di Amsterdam.

Woo Riddim is a monthly event in Jimmy Woo, one of the most popular venues in Amsterdam nightlife. Helmed by our friends Vic Crezée, Cinnaman and hosted by Sef, Woo Riddim focuses on music diversity and good atmosphere. We got together with the Woo Riddim crew to produce a very small run of snapback caps based on the artwork used for the event. Both caps bear embroidered Woo Riddim logos and typography, as well as the Patta logo. The caps are available in black and leopard. Get your Riddim on while stocks last!

Entrambi disponibili esclusivamente online sul webstore di Patta.