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FEIT Handmade Bund Strap

Gli australiani di FEIT continuano ad allargare la loro offerta affiancando alle scarpe nuovi accessori, sempre in pelle, sempre realizzati a mano. Ultima novità: i cinturini.

The Bund Strap watchband was first used by WWII pilots because of its insulating properties. The leather band would ensure that the watch face would not freeze or burn a pilot’s wrist as they were exposed to extreme conditions. Later the first man to venture into space – Yuri Gagarin – wore his watch on a Bund Strap. Perhaps its most celebrated wearer was Paul Newman whose signature Rolex Daytona was always worn on a Bund Strap.

The FEIT Bund Strap is classic and simple and is made from the same vegetable leather we use for our shoes. This leather is dyed with only natural ingredients and isn’t treated with any heavy metals. It contains none of the chrome found in most leathers and is, therefore, much better for your skin.

La parte centrale è removibile e il cinturino viene proposto in quattro varianti colore classiche che saranno disponibili dal 30 Ottobre in quantità limitate sul sito di FEIT (ora in pre-order).