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Hypebeast: PROCESS – The Making of a New Era 59FIFTY

Complice la prossimità fisica con il vero mondo della produzione, la Cina, il team di Hypebeast prosegue con la sua rubrica PROCESS e mostra uno sguardo a come nasce il famigerato 59FIFTY Fitted di New Era.

With almost a century of experience in hat making, New Era has been at the forefront in manufacturing some of the world’s most celebrated caps to date. Improving on its products year after year while setting industry benchmarks, New Era has become a household name. Known throughout the professional sports realm, whether it be the MLB, NBA or NHL, New Era’s versatile 59FIFTY cap — also known as the fitted — has graced the heads of athletes and celebrities alike and has garnered attention for its work with Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and a host of heavy streetwear brands. Despite its simplicity of design and relatively unchanged silhouette, a surprising amount of work goes into the crafting of each cap. In this PROCESS we take closer look into the meticulous 22-step journey that a single 59FIFTY cap must go through from raw material to finished product — a process that utilizes the eyes and hands of 22 dedicated and loyal employees who together share a single dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

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