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Stussy & HOLDEN Trip Visual Presentation

Per testare i prodotti frutto della recente collaborazione, Stussy e HOLDEN hanno spedito un gruppo di riders tra le nevi dell’Oregon e le spiagge della California. Il video qui mostra il risultato dell’esperienza.

Stussy and Holden have teamed up to create a capsule collection of active lifestyle streetwear products. The Brief, “What are the perfect items for a one week road trip from the peaks of the Northwest to the sandy shores of Southern California?” The answer: 5 Items functional enough to keep you warm and dry, yet flexible enough to provide layering options to go from snow to surf. Fashionable enough that you look good and stylish when you roll out for a night on the town. The perfect kit: fun, fashionable, functional and flexible just like the life we lead.

Per ulteriori informazioni e uno sguardo completo alla collezione vi rimandiamo al post precedente.