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El Solitario ‘REVOLUTIONS’ Short Film

‘Revolutions’ è un corto a base di moto e nonsense realizzato dal collettivo spagnolo di El Solitario per puro divertimento, mettendo insieme quattro delle loro migliori motociclette, una Nikon D7000 e un concepts a caso. Non male il risultato.

Revolutions is a short film entirely made by El Solitario motorcyclists, with no other intention than to have some fun on our bikes, do something together that could last a while, and why not, spread the word on some values we believe are worth shouting loud. We, the makers, are tired of conventionalism, corporation bullying and people trying to tell us we can’t do it. We, the makers, believe in people that want to create things, made to last, with their own hands. We, the makers, believe that changes happen when humans with the same interests gather freely to think, therefore, we only pretend to shed another light on this global phenomenon that is taking place @ your backyard, where non-sustainable systems systematically destroy sustainable ones, where short term profit has the power to overwhelm common sense and where progress is not progress but a constant destruction of an environment we will never be able to replace. You trusting bunnies of the world, must realize that planned obsolescence is part of this society we live in, so think twice next time a predator invites you to dinner!@#$

Revolutions was shot entirely using a Nikon D7000, a great dose of stamina & other substances.

Credits: DSL