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GLOBE ‘Mahalo: Mark Appleyard’ Video

GLOBE dedica ad uno dei più grandi pro della scorsa decade, Mark Appleyard, una nuova signature-shoe e un nuovo video in celluloide girato ad hoc per l’occasione alle Hawaii. Non capiamo il link tra un canadese e le Hawaii ma in ogni caso la scarpa si chiama Mahalo, che vuol dire “grazie” in hawaiiano, e la potete vedere sul sito di GLOBE.

Inspired by the effortless style of Mark Appleyard, the GLOBE footwear team with Mark’s direction set out to design a shoe that embodies the Aloha spirit. This low top vulcanized shoe blends casual styling with high impact skate performance. The incredibly resilient GLOBE PU “Shockbed” absorbs the heaviest of impacts while retaining it’s performance for the life of the shoe. The Mahalo comes in the highest grade shaved suede/canvas combination as well as a clean super canvas for those who like to feel the island vibes under their feet. Hawaii Tested, Mark Appleyard Approved.