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John John Florence ‘DONE’ Surf Movie

Dopo un’attesa durata quasi un anno è finalmente uscito un ‘DONE’, il nuovo surf movie prodotto da e dedicato al giovane fenomeno di Honolulu, John John Florence. Come anticipato il film è stato girato nel’ultimo anno dall’amico e stretto collaboratore Blake Kueny tra le coste di Hawaii, Tahiti, Africa e Australia, dura 23 minuti e unisce un ottimo livello di surf ad un romantico e variegato stile di ripresa. Il film è da poco disponibile in DVD e online su iTunes. Qui sopra il secondo tariler.

When a person’s understanding of waves is so concrete, surfing can become especially reminiscent of modern skateboarding. Mutating masses of water almost appear as still and solid as skatepark transitions as John John Florence spins through the air over them; landing back into each evolving pocket. John John demonstrates this new level of surfing in his first independent release, DONE. Directed by Blake Vincent Kueny and John John Florence, DONE takes the DIY ethos and flips it on it’s head. Shot in beautiful HD, 16mm, and Super-8 in top-notch locations that include Tahiti, Western Australia, South Africa, and Hawaii, this highly anticipated film invites the viewer to travel with John John as he searches and finds some of the most incredible waves on Earth. With a supporting cast that includes Nathan Florence, Ivan Florence, Kiron Jabour, Matt Meola, and Albee Layer, this film has stunning surfing; complemented with incredible cinematography. Finally, added in is a completely diverse soundtrack that’s groovy enough to host a party, which makes DONE a vital film for any collection.