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Nigel Cabourn x Converse - 07

Nigel Cabourn x Converse First String Capsule Collection

Il programma First String di Converse prosegue questa stagione con una raffinata collaborazione firmata da Sir. Nigel Cabourn. Per l’occasione lo specialista inglese in abbigliamento militare vintage ha rielaborato una delle più classiche e sottostimate versioni della Chuck Taylor, la Bosey, e ha lavorato ad una versione tutta nuova, chiamata Specialty Plimsole. Entrambe sono caratterizzate da un makeup premium a base di tessuti Ventile (by Talbot Weaving LTD.): un materiale tipo canvas, ma molto più morbido e resistente, introdotto durante la Seconda Guerra Mondiale per le uniformi dell’aviazione USA. Due le varianti colore per la Bosey, tre per la Specialty Plimsole, entrambe in arrivo tra selezionati rivenditori Converse / Nigel Cabourn tra cui End Clothing, Concepts e Tenue de Nimes.

Converse Inc. announces the launch of the Nigel Cabourn for Converse First String footwear collection, including the Chuck Taylor All Star Bosey and the all-new Chuck Taylor All Star Specialty Plimsole. Newcastle-Upon-Tyne-based designer Nigel Cabourn is a veteran of the fashion industry who is widely recognized for his take on heritage garments, men’s outerwear, military-inspired apparel and utilitarian functionality.

For this collection, Cabourn examines Converse’s rich American heritage of boots and sneakers created for the outdoors and the military, and infuses his own designs into the Chuck Taylor All Star Bosey with rich Ventile fabric uppers in military-inspired navy and olive green colors. Ventile fabric was developed for use in World War II flight suits as a material to protect Hawker Hurricane and Supermarine Spitfire pilots when they ejected from their planes into icy waters. Ventile fabric extended survival time tenfold and saved many pilots’ lives. Suits made with Ventile fabric remain in use by British Royal Air Force to this day.

“The Ventile fabric adds such a strong element of history and design to this collection. I chose the All Star Bosey for its military-like chunky sole and 1940s appeal. I had been thinking about creating a British Army P.E. sneaker, hence the development of the plimsole silhouette,” Cabourn says.