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MATIX Clothing Welcomes Zack Wallin

MATIX  presenta il nuovo acquisto del suo team skate: il 24enne di San Jose Zack Wallin, che dopo Enjoy e DVS ora anche lo sponsor per l’abbigliamento. Guardatelo in azione nel classico video di benvenuto messo insieme dalla company californiana.

Zack is a skaters skater, a hard working, fun having, skateboarder. I have heard the word “raw” used to describe Zacks skating. Zack has been putting the hard work in and the proof is starting to come to the surface. He recently found his way on to the Enjoi team, filmed a welcome video for DVS Shoe Co, and shot an interview for The Skateboard Mag #114. Matix Clothing is proud to announce Zack Wallin to the team.