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UXA: Eli Reed ‘#TheChase’ Video

Con tanto di trama e comparsate, i newyorkesi di UXA presentano una collaborazione con il grande Eli Reed con questo video in bianco e nero girato, ovviamente, tra le strade della GrandeMela. Nel video oltre a mr. Wallie anche Zered Bassett, Kenny Andreson, Danny Supa e altri ancora. Uscita di tavola e magliette programmata per Agosto. Altre informazioni sul sito di UXA. Enjoy.

UXA is proud to present #TheChase, a film & guest board collaboration featuring east coast street pro skateboarder, Eli Reed. UXA acknowledges Eli as a fixture in New York skateboarding. Eli embodies UXA values through his drive and determination to his craft. This UXA spirit is why we have chosen to do a collaboration with Eli. We are honored and hyped to induct Eli Reed into the UXA Guest Board Series. The Chase takes you on a skate mission through the New York City streets starring Eli Reed. The city is a playground for Eli as he maneuvers from spot to spot, dominating its terrain. A few close calls along the way, but in the end, the love for street skateboarding prevails in #TheChase.

UXA will release the Skate-Man Eli Reed signature pro guest board & tee to compliment the release of the film.