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Best Made Waxed Camp Stool - 00

Best Made Co. Waxed Canvas Camp Stool

Ancora novità a sfondo camping dai newyorkesi di Best Made che dopo coltelli e coltellini escono ora con questo pratica ed elegante seduta da viaggio. La struttura è realizzata in acciaio inossidabile mente il resto è in duck canvas cerato – resistente e impermeabile – con cuciture ribattute. Da chiuso misura 25,5 x 21 cm circa mentre aperto 30 x 20, pesa 900 grammi e lo potete trovare online sul webstore di Best Made.

Stabilized by a sturdy, rust-proof steel frame that tightens and locks in place, we finished our camp stool with the one thing that’ll always come in handy: a waxed canvas seat. Constructed from a heavy #10 waxed duck canvas that won’t mark clothing, our camp stool repels the water, the morning dew, and the melted snow so you’re always guaranteed a dry, comfortable seat. Our stool folds down to a packable size of 10 x 9″ and unfolds in seconds to make for a rock solid, 15.5″ high perch. Almost “Eamesian” in its design, the folding camp stool is an enduring piece that will elevate any campfire experience, or just come in handy around the house.

Best Made Waxed Camp Stool - 01

Best Made Waxed Camp Stool - 02

Best Made Waxed Camp Stool - 03