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Finisterre Cold Water Surf Knife 00

Finisterre x Rodgers ‘Cold Water Surf Knife’

Gli inglesi di Finisterre continuano a giocare bene con il loro concept della “cold water surf company” e presentano ora un originale collaborazione con Joseph Rodgers and Sons, storico marchio inglese di lame. Insieme hanno creato questo “Cold Water Surf Knife”, ovvero il primo coltellino pensato per le particolari esigenze del surfista della Cornovaglia, con fin key in allegato e packaging premium. Edizione limitata a 100 pezzi numerati, da poco online sul sito di Finisterre.

Folding knives are a true test of a smith’s skill as a machinist and designer. Joseph Rodgers and Sons have been building knives in Sheffield, England, for over 300 years – they are a true work of edged inspiration. Their previous clients include the British Army and Royal Family, so when thinking about designing the world’s first Cold Water Surf Knife, we naturally decided to work with the best. We took into consideration the stage 2 hypothermia a cold water surfer’s hands can go through after a deep winter surf, and so we accentuated the ‘easy pull’ loop to make the blade more accessible in tough conditions. Comfortable in any hand, this is the folding knife that won our hearts. Use it. Take good care of it. Hand it down.