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Andrea Balboa

Kool A.D. – “O.K.” Mixtape (a 100 tracks soundtrack for his upcoming novel)

It’s been a while since his latest work (Word O.K. from 2014) but in the meanwhile Kool A.D. has been busy as hell: not only during the last year he had a child…

fayer tbc cto graffiti throwie-01

#GraffPorn: Fayer

“Minkia”. #GraffPorn, a collection of tags, throw-ups, etc. signed by the most stylish of all time.


Tyshawn Jones Interview

William Strobeck interviewed Tyshawn Jones for Thrasher. The young NYC gangster talks rap, Supreme and officially reveals he’s going to ride for Fucking Awesome.


Brett Weinstein – “Deep Dish” remix

Vancouver’ Studio Skateboards welcome their new team rider Bett Weinstein by releasing a sick remix from Mark Dunning’s latest film, “Deep Dish 2″ and the spin-off, “some bullshit”.


Anthony Van Engelen “Boys of Summer” Montage

After watching it for the X-th time in three days, we have to say that Jeff Kutter’s “Boys of Summer” is an epic video. After all, probably the best skate video of the…


Enrico Cerovac “Frammenti” Zine Project

We’re proud to support another huge photographic project coming out from the streets of this untold country called Italy. It’s called ”Frammenti” (= Fragments) and it’s a true masterpiece brought to you from our revered…


Grey x Converse Cons “Blend” Video

London’s Grey Magazine present Blend, a new, 720p50HD, film by James Cruickshank made in association with Converse Cons. Filmed across the UK and in Warsaw, Poland. Featuring the UK Converse team Jerome Campbell, Harry Lintell,…


Converse Cons “Nightlines” Short Video

New short video by Converse Cons: “Nightlines”, night skating predominantly filmed in NYC during last summer and starring Mike Anderson, Aaron Herrington, Nuge, Sage Elsesser, Sean Pablo, Louie Lopez, Eli Reed, Zered Bassett,…


Chef Family & Magenta “Milano Rages” Trailer

As you probably remember, last spring the Magenta guys came here in Milan to join our local heroes at Chef Family and explore the city’s environment. The result is ”Milano Rages”, a Chef Family…

huf classic lo converse Sumner- 02

Huf “Stop riding Huf’s dick” Ad

Smart advertisement from Huf to promote their Classic Lo (against the Converse Cons Sumner). New Classics, along with the brand’s holiday collection, are available now at Huf retailers and online.


The LB Project – Jacob Ovgren

French artist Lucas Beaufort meets Polar‘s illustrator Jacob Ovgren in his house in Malmo. The video is part of Beaufort ‘s LB Project, an art project through skateboarding created to bring photographers and…