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windows 30th anniversary history-01

[Random]: Windows 30th Anniversary: a visual history

30 years ago yeasterday Windows turned 30: yes, the very first Windows version was released in 1985, and it was a amazing. Windows 1.0 set the stage for the mouse, creating a huge gap…

parra case studyo tomato-02

Parra x Case Studyo “Give Up” Tomato Sculpture

Parra (who recently expanded his Rockwell brand with the homeware) and Case Studyo teamed up once again for a special release based on the latest Parra’s “Tomato” sculpture, introduced last summer for his solo exibhition, “Salut“, in…

offways magazine issue 1 - 01

Offways Magazine Issue 1

Offways is a new,  brilliantly-designed biannual magazine by German designers Marius Burgmann and Mike Magduschewski. It’s basically about nothing, but it’s food for your thoughts. It uses Grillitype’s GT Sectra and GT Cinetype, with a screen-printed…


Inside New José Parla’s Brooklyn Studio

Take a look inside the amazing, recently renovated, Jose Parla‘s studio in Brooklyn NY. The new space was designed by the artist himself in collaboration with Norway-based company Snøhetta and is basically divided in two sections: “the…