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Crailtap – On the Crail Couch with the “Kids”

Stupid yet funny Crailtap‘s ”On the Crail Couch” special interview with Lavar McBride, Javier Nunez, Gerry Geez and Nick Lockman from Larry Clark’s “Kids” movie. Trilogy, Gonz, *rubber toe caps* and more…


Spike Lee “Chi-Raq” Movie Trailer

The official trailer for the new Spike Lee Joint “Chi-Raq”, out on December 4, 2015.


‘Straight Outta Compton’ Movie – Behind the Scenes

Following Dr. Dre’s new album and one week before the release, HBO and Noisey dropped some new, extended, anticipations for the much awaited N.W.A’s Biopic ‘Straight Outta Compton’. Out in theaters on August 14….


Dazed – “The Secret History of Kids”

Dazed celebrates the 20th anniversary of Larry Clark’s cult “Kids” with an intersting feature unveling stories and anecdotes behind the making of one of the greatest movie ever. Photography by Eric Edwards. “Two virgins in…


Rubble Kings – New York Gangs Documentary

Out now on the Internet, “Rubble Kings” is a new documentary about New York’s gang culture in the 1970s by NYC’s director Shan Nicholson. Watch the trailer here and find everything you need to…


Breaking Bad P.O.V.

New on Nowness, old on the Internet, here’s a brilliant compilation highlighting some great Breaking Bad’s ‘point of view’ shots by editor Kogonada. Celebrating “one of the greatest television series of all time“.