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alltimers jenkem mix-02

Alltimers Jenkem Mix

NYC chilliest company Alltimers join the Jenkem Mix series with a fresh playlist mixed by Dj Shrimp C. Stream it below and download for free here.


Bodega Bamz – “All Eyez Off Me” [Official Video]

This is seriously one of the best hip hop tracks of 2016 so far. It’s called “All Eyez Off Me” and the artist performing it, Nathaniel De la Rosa aka Bodega Bamz, is releasing on…


Trapo – “She Moved On” [Videoclip]

Today we are proud to share the videoclip of a very young and talented MC from Wisconsin, whose first EP came out in March. His name isTrapo (he reminds us the aggressive Joey Bada$$)…

Hardo Love Foreal Meek Mill-1

Hardo – “Love Foreal” Feat. Meek Mill

Usually we don’t talk about Meek Mill that much and the reason is that he belongs to a world too trap-sounding for our old school ears. This time Philly rapper has come to our side…

RZA Paul Banks Love War-2

RZA & Paul Banks – “Love + War” Feat. Ghostface Killah

Banks & Steelz is the name of the new collaborative project between Wu-Tang member RZA and Paul Banks, lead singer of the rock bandInterpol. The first single “Love + War” shows a perfect balance between…

SwizZz Extra-2

SwizZz — “Extra”

After a long hiatus, explained by the need of keeping away from music to get things in order in his personal life, Justin Ritter aka SwizZzcame back with a new single in response of childhood friend…