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What's up Dudes Exhibition zine-02

“What’s up Dudes” Exhibition V2

Double “What’s up Dudes” update: 1. very last few copies of the zine are still available on FNG Store (only) 2. If you are near Milan this weekend don’t miss the second exhibition…

What s up Dudes zine-02

[FNG Store]: “What’s up Dudes” Zine

We’re proud to support another solid DIY project 100% Made in Italy, 100% film-photography, and 100% skate-based: ”What’s up Dudes”, a limited edition zine featuring b/w 35mm shots by Ramon Zuliani, Riccardo Ceccato, Claudio Majorana, Fabio…

fng photo issue vi vol 12-01

FNG Photo-Issue VI – Vol. 12 | Mariella Amabili & Elena Vaninetti

Last (and very special) FNG Photo Issue of the year, and probably the last one ever. Yes people: after 6 years, with 2016 our infamous inquiry about Italian film photography is going to have…

Enrico Cerovac Frammenti Zine--08

A Look Inside “Frammenti” Photo Zine (Available now on FNG store)

Frammenti, a photographic project by Enrico Cerovac collecting *fragments* of Italian skateboarding scene 1997 – 2013, is now available on FNG store. 68 pg. full color photo zine, laser print on Fedrigoni Splendorgel 160g, paperback/softcover binding. Edition of 75…