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Printed matter
sneeze magazine issue 29-01

Sneeze Magazine N°29 – “Get Met It Pays” Issue

#1 poster-size magazine Sneeze released the fall 2016 issue featuring an intersting retrospective on Brian KAWSONE Donnelly. Introduction by West Rubinstein, interview by Allen Benedikt of 12ozProphet. Also featured Cyrus Bennett and Christen Harper at…

Taschen - HR Giger Book-13

Taschen – HR Giger Book

Taschen finally released its super-sized tribute to the legendary HR Giger. Swiss artist HR Giger (1940–2014) is most famous for his creation of the space monster in Ridley Scott’s 1979 horror sci-fi film…

2003 magazine nyc-09

2003 Magazine

Do you remember 1991 Magazine? Well, this admirable “year magazine” project is finally back with a new issue, focusing on 2003. Also this time the 86-page pubblication includes a feature curated by Quartersnacks, who…

Stussy Biannual Vol 8-12

Stussy Biannual Vol. 8

Stussy presents the new fall/winter chapter of its “Biannual” magazine, highlighting inspirations and stories behind the brand’s latest collection and collaboration projects. It features interviews with Larry Clark, Philippa Price, Jerry Hsu, Benji B…

shoes master vol 26-02

Shoes Master Vol. 26

Tokyo’s shoe masters at Shoes Master are dropping their new fall/winter issue, mainly focused on running. Along with the classic “preview” and “best of” sections, there’s also a cool editorial on Beams, their 40th anniversary…


[FNG store] “Scrivere da Cani, Spiner 1994 – 2014″ Book

We’re proud to present you an amazing editorial project based on one of the most striking and probably unknown street artist of our generation: Spiner, Milanese graffiti writer from the infamous TBC crew….