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Anthony Van Engelen “Boys of Summer” Montage

After watching it for the X-th time in three days, we have to say that Jeff Kutter’s “Boys of Summer” is an epic video. After all, probably the best skate video of the…


Converse Cons Welcomes Tommy Guerrero to the Team

Back in action thanks to the Geriatric Jim’s Supplements, Tommy Guerrero is the new Converse Cons ambassador. We actually don’t know if this makes sense in skateboarding, but we’re pretty sure that the Bones Brigade’s…


Gino Iannucci – Free Lunch Pt. 2

Second and final part of this good Gino Iannucci video interview from Ride Channel. And along with favourite video parts, new generations and more, this time the main topic is… *style*, obviously. “…going fast,…


Diamond Days #84

Next Level “Diamond Days” new clip from Rob Harris aka The Green Diamond. Featuring Andrew Wilson, Jesse Alba and the rest of NYC.


Thrasher / Huf “Stoops USA Tour” Video

And finally Thrasher and Huf released the video that chronicles their ”Stoops USA Tour” from last summer, a three week tour across the U.S.A., from Philadelphia to Honolulu. Featuring Huf team riders Josh Matthews, Kevin Terpening, Brad…


Jeff Kutter “Boys of Summer” Full Length Video

Following the Australian premiere earlier this month at the Supply Store in Sidney, the “Boys of Summer“ video by Supreme’s Jeff Kutter was released online in its [mad] entirety. Enjoy this 1-hour long mix of…


Fourstar Clothing Holiday 2015

Fourstar Clothing’s Holiday 2015 collection is good, and also includes a new collaboration with Antihero. Find out more / buy online here. Above the promo featuring Mark Gonzales and Ishod Wair during a freeze day…


Quartersnacks – Ron Deily Keep On Remix

Randomly celebrating one of New Jersey’s finests, Quartersnacks have re-edited Ron Deily’s “Under The Hudson” video part filmed by RB Umali and released by Zoo York earlier this year.


“Local Express” – Friends section

Another cool spin-off straight from one of the best skate videos of the year - John Valenti’s “Local Express”. Courtesy of Jenkem. You can still find it on DVD via Palomino.


Epicly Later’d: Chima Ferguson

Following the Kevin ‘Spanky’ Long’s special episode, Vice’s Epicly Later’d officially starts the new season with two big news: new generations and foreign countries. Episode 1 features Sydney’s G Chima Ferguson. Watch the first part here…


“Night*Life Deux” Short Video

Rad new clip from the New Orleans skate scene. Filmed by Charles Johnson and featuring Phillip Santosuosso, Ronnie Tremblay, Dominic Crescioni, Quinn Del Corral, Nick Hall, Griffin Hirsch, Stephen Serrano, Chavez Tanner, Chase, Michael Fanning, Tim Black and Ken Clark.