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Noise Magazine & Converse Cons “All Engines” Video

Launched last year, Holland’s Noise magazine presents its very first video production in conjunction with Converse Cons. Filmed in the streets of Amsterdam by Sami El Hassani and featuring the Converse CONS Benelux Ambassadors Alex…


Skateboarding the Kanye Yeezy 350

Another big shout out to Jenkem, who made this latest dream come true.


Sabotage x Terror of Planet X “nibiru cataclysm” Short Video

While we’re waiting for the new full-length video, Philadelphia’s Sabotage crew released a new short called ”nibiru cataclysm” to promote their recently released collaboration board with Terror of Planet X. Rad.


Bronze x HUF Capsule Collection

Well, the much anticipated Bronze / Huf collaboration is here. After the Palace deal, this year the NYC entity gets another hype-boost with this capsule collection consisting of a special edition of the Classic…


GX1000 x Habitat Video

New killer video from Ryan Garshell aka GX1000 to accompany his boards collaboration with Habitat. Featuring the very best from the Habitat crew, wich means Alex Davis, Silas Baxter-Neal, Brian Delatorre, Marc Suciu and others.


John Wilson “Sure” Video – Trailer

After “Beef Patty”, “Paych” and “Horny”, John Wilson and his infamous NYC crew present their new video, “Sure”. Featuring Cyrus Bennett, Andrew Wilson, Max Palmer, Corey Rubin, John Choi, and many more. Premiere…


Victor Demonte “Plus – Bordeaux” Video

French filmer Victor Demonte released in collaboration with Live Skateboard Media a rad new clip filmed in Bordeaux and featuring Magenta’s Soy Panday, Masaki Ui and Glen Fox along with Olivier “tavu” Ente, Lucien Huguet, Joffrey Morel, Yoan Taillandier,…


Converse Cons “#Pleasecharge” Full Video

As promised, Converse Cons has uploaded its new video, #Pleasecharge”. Filmed across many cities in Spain, France, UK, The Netherlands and Germany, and featuring the European Converse crew: Remy Taveira, Harry Lintell, Felipe…

battle berrics 8 trophy haroshi 02

Battle At The Berrics 8 Championship Trophy by Haroshi

The Berrics shows off its annual collaboration with Haroshi for the BATB (the Battle at The Berrics tournament) trophy. No middle fingers this year for the 8th edition of the championship but just…


Supreme / Thrasher “Sickness” Video by William Strobeck

As reported earlier this week, to properly accompany the new collaborative collection, Supreme and Thrasher release a new short video. Filmed by William Strobeck in San Francisco with the “cherry” kids. Also featuring a solid line…


Lurk NYC “New York Times” Vol. 11

Nick vonWerssowetz / Lurk NYC is back with a new installment of its rad “New York Times” series. Now in wide screen.