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Cyrus Bennett is on Polar Skateboards

Big news over the last weekend, another NYC rising star will ride for Pontus Alv’s all-star team. Cyrus Bennett is on Polar. Can’t wait to see what this will mean! Photo by Zach Malfa-Kowalski.


“side one” Video

Canada based Concrete Magazine presents a new rad video filmed by Vancouver-based filmer and photographer Antosh Cimoszko. Featuring Dylan Fulford, Donald Glover, Calen Knauf, Shawn Powers…


Ale Martoriati “Japan Feature” Video

Rome’s legend Ale Martoriati has just released a video filmed during a recent trip through Tokyo, Gunma and Saitama. Featuring Toshihiro Kubota, Kyouhei Okuno, Mint, Ryo Sejiri, Tatsuma Matsuda, Genki Sunagawa and Ale…


John Wilson “Sure” Edit

John Wilson released a new short edit featuring his crew during a *very rare* indoor park session. Filmed at House of Vans in Brooklyn. Also featuring Zered Bassett and a smart music supervision.


Connor Peterson “In The Bity” Edit

NYC’s Connor Peterson recently released a new short edit featuring raw footage of Kevin Tierney, Billy McFeely, Shawn Powers and other representative locals.


Vans “Propeller” Full Length Video – Teaser

Well, finally Vans announced its long-awaited, first-ever, full-length skateboard video. Almost two years in the making, directed by no other than Greg Hunt and starring a legendary team (from Tony Alva to Chima…


“Sabotage 4″ Teaser 2

After almost one year from the first teaser, Philadelphia’s Sabotage crew presents a new 1-minute glimpse for its upcoming full length video, “Sabotage 4″. Hopefully out soon. Stay tuned. Watch “Sabotage 3″ in…


Lost Art x Nike SB Video

Following the recent release of their collaboration with Nike SB, Lost Art released a nice all-Liverpool edit featuring Charlie Birch, Thomas Harrison, Chris Jones, Vaughan Jones and David Mackey. Both shoes are now available exclusively from Lost…


Antonio Durao’s “Tony & Friends” Part

Jenekem released a new video part for New York City’s “next big thing”, Antonio Durao. Probably this wont be that video part that will sooner or later, but is a good one. Featuring the…


Shawn Powers “Let Go” Exhibition at Crack Gallery

Shawn Powers has a solo exhibition coming up at the new new Crack Gallery in Vancouver, Canada. Titled “Let Go”, the show will feature new paintings and drawings from nyc’s gangster and will…


Landscape ‘Perspectives’ – Keanu Robson

London’s Landscape Skateboards presents its new young gun, Keanu Robson with this solid video part edited by Joe Gavin.