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polar spring summer 2015 - 01

Polar Spring/Summer 2015

Finally an almost comprehensive look at Polar spring/summer 2015 clothing collection. Consisting of the already #hype No-Comply caps, embroidered tees, new coach jerseys, tech hoodies along with coach / bomber / running –…


“Deep Dish 2″ Out Now

Finally “Deep Dish 2″, the much anticipated new video from Chicago’s Mark Dunning & Jon Schmoldt, is out now. Chicago, NYC and beyond. Here’s a new promo, full length DVDs available online here.


Lost Art “Beef Stew” Trailer

Liverpool’s premium skateshop Lost Art is set to release its first full-length video in 16 straight years. So stay tuned and watch here the trailer of “Beef Stew”, filmed by Oliver Birch and…


“Sunland – We Are New Balance Numeric” Video

Inspired by the long take technique, New Balance Numeric presents a new cinematic video titled “Sunland – We Are New Balance Numeric”. Filmed by Russel Houghten and featuring the NB team at large:…


Scott Oster for Bianca Chandon

Alex Olson’s Bianca Chandon presents a new guest board made in collaboration with legendary 80s style-master Scott Oster. Neoclassical shape designed by the man himself. Check the video above, the deck is available online.

Jed Anderson Latex Remix 02

Jed Anderson Latex Remix

Random new video for your favourite skateboarder’s favourite snowboarder, Jed Anderson. Innate style.

Shawn Powers James Edson 02

Shawn Powers & James Edson “Disposing of My Disposables” Exhibition

While half of the Palace team is NYC for some new adidas Skatebording stuff, this weekend the only one Palace NYC ambassador is in London for a new exhibition with James Edson at…


Chef Family x Marte “Skateball” Feature

Some time ago our cousins at Marte asked us a little help to organize a special, street/football-related project. Project aim: to promote in a stylish way a new, street/football-related, collection called Nike FootballX by crossing the wonderful world…


Vans “Propeller” RAW FILES – Gilbert Crockett

Thrasher celebrate the first Vans skate film in 49 years of Vans with a special series of “raw files”. First up, Bust Crew’s frontman Gilbert Crockett. This is not leftover footage, but 3…


GX1000: SF Is Where The Heart Is

Another piece of art from Ryan Garshell, this time in his hometown to revisit the infamous hills of San Francisco. Featuring the GX1000 crew and guest appearances from Tony Manfre and Ben Gore.


DQM – Brian Delaney Video Part

After one of Boston’s heaviest winters on record, Dave Quality Meat team rider Brian Delaney spent little time getting back in the streets. Here’s his recent work. Filmed and edited by Kevin Madden.