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Palace Betamaximum Palace-02

Palace “Betamaximum Palace” Video

Palace released a new 10-minute video (mainly) filmed in Hawaii earlier this year. Featuring: Lucas Puig, Shawn Powers, Rory Milanes, Danny Brady, Benny Fairfax, Jamal Smith, Juan Saavedra, Lucine Clarke and Chewy Cannon.


Hotel Blue “All Flat” Clip

The always fresh Lurk NYC‘s Hotel Blue team goes to San Francisco.


Daniel Kim “Stop Fakin’ 3″ Video Part

Quartersnacks released Daniel Kim‘s part from the amazing Washington video ”Stop Fakin’ 3″, wich you can find here  in the trilogy form.


“Pest” Edit

Vague Magazine released a great new edit by Vaughan Jones and Corey Bartle-Sanderson called “Pest”, showcasing a London/Budapest connection featuring a bunch of LDN’s heavyweights and the infamous Rios Crew.


Adidas Skateboarding ‘Suciu ADV II’ Promo Video

To promote the new Suciu ADV II (wich is basically [gooooood] as the old one but featuring a more minimalistic style), Adidas put together a pleasant 4-minute part featuring Mark Suciu’s new footage from…


Pop Clip #33

The Dutch guys at Pop Trading Company are back with a new monthly clip, this one filmed in Paris during the fashion week. Featuring Mats Edel, Alex Raeymaekers, Hugo Snelooper, Othmar van Rijswijk, Yeelen Moens, Gervais…