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Kaws Exhibition in Ibiza 2015-01

Kaws Exhibition in Ibiza

For August, NYC’s Lio Malca gallery has just opened a big exhibition in Ibiza, Spain, showcasing Lio Malca’s and his family’s collection, consisting of remarkable original contemporary artworks, sculptures, photography and new media…


Parra “Salut” Solo Exhibition Recap

Finally a detailed look at ”Salut”, the latest solo exhibition of our dear Parra. Presented by the Alice gallery in Brussels, the show features a new body of work that includes drawings, paintings, and a large…


Parra “Salut” Solo Exhibition

New works from our dear Piet Janssen on show later this week at Alice gallery in Brussels with a new solo exhibition titled Salut.Have a first look here, opening on May 28. Stay tuned for the pictures.

fud 01

Barry McGee & Todd James “FUD” Exhibition

Yooo. TWIST x REAS back together. For the second time, V1 gallery in Copenhagen presents a joint exhibition by Barry McGee & Todd James. There are not so many informations but it seems…

Shawn Powers James Edson 02

Shawn Powers & James Edson “Disposing of My Disposables” Exhibition

While half of the Palace team is NYC for some new adidas Skatebording stuff, this weekend the only one Palace NYC ambassador is in London for a new exhibition with James Edson at…

ed-templeton-synthetic-suburbia-roberts-tilton-gallery-01 (1)

Ed Templeton “Synthetic Suburbia” Solo Exhibition Recap

Unfortunately we weren’t in Culver City for the much-anticipated new ET’exhibition opening so thanks to the Internet for this video and these pictures showcasing Ed’s new stuff. Hosted by the Roberts & Tilton Gallery , “Synthetic…


Ari Marcopoulos “L1032015″ Exhibition

Here’s a brief look at “L1032015″ a recently opened exhibition of new photographs and video by Ari Marcopoulos, hosted by the Marlborough Chelsea gallery in NYC . Entitled “L1032015″(after the number and date assigned…


Ed Templeton “Synthetic Suburbia” Solo Exhibition

Almost a decade (and a lot shit) has passed by since the “Beautiful Losers” madness came out but, even if the bigger part of the Aaron Rose’s project had taken different paths, it…


Haroshi “Wait What” Exhibition for HHH Gallery Opening

Following the last solo show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC back in February, on March 21 Haroshi opened an interesting one-piece-only exhibition supported by HUF at HHH Gallery in Tokyo, wich is a new…


Shawn Powers “Let Go” Exhibition Opening

Crack Gallery shares (just few) pictures of what mr. Shawn Powers aka SP aka World Sport has assembled for his latest solo show “Let Go” just opened in Vancouver.


Shawn Powers “Let Go” Exhibition at Crack Gallery

Shawn Powers has a solo exhibition coming up at the new new Crack Gallery in Vancouver, Canada. Titled “Let Go”, the show will feature new paintings and drawings from nyc’s gangster and will…