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Logan Lara “sean & sage” Edit

NYC skater/filmer (and Call Me 917 team rider) Logan Lara has just released a very-well-filmed 7 minute edit featuring Sean Pablo and Sage Elsesser.


Fucking Awesome – “Dylan Rieder 1988 – 2016″ Tribute Video

Right after the saddest news of the year, Dylan Rieder’s board company Fucking Awesome released a 2-minute tribute video.


Crailtap – A Day With Gonz

New classic “a day with the Gonz in NYC” clip from Crailtap. Random fun throughout Manhattan featuring Mark Gonzales, Rick Howard, Chico Brenes, Tyler “Manchild” Pacheco and Simon Bannerot.


Butter Goods “Global Rhythms” Edit

Perth’s Butter Goods just released a rad new clip titled “Global Rhythms” featuring Alex Schmidt, Ben Gore, Phil Marshall, Morgan Campbell, Alex Campbell, Philly Santosuosso & Casey Foley. Filmed by Josh Roberts, Zach…


Lurk NYC – New York Times V.19

New Lurk NYC clip within the OG “New York Times” series.


Blue Couch “Yeet” Video

Dane Bull released a cool 11-minute all-NYC video titled “Yeet” as a promo for the first Blue Couch full length video coming sooner or later.


Nike SB “Karsto and Janno” VX Edit

Nike SB released a rad VX1000/Super 8 clip featuring Norway gun Karsten Kleppanand his friend Jan Henrik Kongstein. Filmed and edited by Per Christian Lovas.

Sports Class Partners in Crime-01

Sports Class “Partners in Crime” Promo

Straight outta Sydney, 90s-inspired clothing company Sports Class introduces its skate team with this sick edit filmed by Geoff Campbell. Featuring: Tom Snape, Simon Frazzetto, Pete Solvyns and Toby Locke. Via Palomino 


Carhartt WIP “Seoul, Past & Neo” Video

We’re not fans of “skate trip” videos but this one is actually good. A rad 7-minute edit filmed in Korea and featuring a stylish portion of Carhartt WIP team: Aaron Herrington, Chris Milic,…


Chef Family – Genuine Street Flavour | Pescara

Next level episode of Chef‘s “Genuine Street Flavour” series, exploring the best Italian street spots. 10 minute of pure radness featuring our local MVPs Ruben Spelta, Kristoffer Malana, Alessandro Di Luggo, Andrea Di…


Jahmal Williams “Static IV” Video Part

Theories of Atlantis uploaded the last few unreleased video parts from Josh Stewart’s masterpiece, ”Static IV / V“, and finally here’s the – iconic -Jahmal Williams section, for the first time on the interwebs in…